Advanced Sterilization Product Sterrad 100S (Hydr. Peroxide) Floor-model Autoclave Sterilizer

Condition: Used STRICTLY AS IS - The unit will be tested to power on only
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Dimensions (approx.):
18"diam x 36"deep (inside)
30"W x 40"D x 65.5"H (outside)
208 Volts, 60 Hz, 20A
Product Description The STERRAD 100S hydrogen peroxide gas plasma sterilization system offers a rapid 55-minute cycle time to deliver increased instrument utilization and measurable cost efficiencies. Using ASP's proven gas plasma technology, the STERRAD 100S System provides dry, low-temperature sterilization of both heat-stable and heat- and moisture-sensitive instruments in a single system; allowing you to have critical instruments available when you need them. The STERRAD 100S System not only increases productivity and capacity, but also eliminates the costs associated with resterilization, ventilation, and instrument repair, thereby turning speed into money. Download PDF. Fast turnaround means increased instrument utilization. Rapid 55-minute cycle time facilitates processing of 14 loads of critical and noncritical medical devices in the time it takes to complete one cycle of EtO. Safety features protect both users and the environment. Process by-products are water and oxygen, eliminating the need for aeration or ventilation. Hydrogen peroxide residuals are nontoxic and noncarcinogenic. Multiple cost efficiencies enhance overall cost-effectiveness.

Processed instruments can be inventoried or used immediately, enabling greater utilization of product inventory. Gentle system prolongs the useful life of instruments, minimizing damage and reducing costly instrument repair. Maximized instrument use reduces expensive inventories and eliminates the need for outsourcing. Quick installation reduces costs further still. System installation requires nothing more than a dedicated 3 phase 208V outlet. No costly plumbing, ventilation, or monitors are required. One-button operation increases user productivity.

Simplified cycle start requires just one button. User-friendly display indicates cycle stage and elapsed time. Minimized training requirements enhance ease-of-use. See the attached brochure for applicable uses of the STERRAD 100S hydrogen peroxide gas plasma sterilization system.

Since the manufacturer will NOT provide service or parts to third party sellers, the unit will be tested to power on only. Inspection is available.
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