AND FX-120i 3-decimal Balance

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Pan size: 5.1"diam (inside)
Product Description This AND FX-120i has a capacity of 122g with a 3-decimal point accuracy. It is compact with increasing functions, the FX-i series from AND offers a miniaturized Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) to achieve a highly compact precision balance, which is 40% lighter and 47% smaller than the GF series with a 25% smaller footprint all while maintaining the superior weighing functions offered from AND.
- Compact size
- Fast stabilization speed(1 sec)
- Multiple weighing units (g, pcs, %, oz, lb, L oz, ozt, ct, mom, dwt, grains, tl, tol, mes and MLT)
- Standard RS-232C interface
- USB interface
- GLP,GMP,GCP,ISO compliant
- Statistical calculation function
- Comparator function
- Hold function for animal weighing application
- Large bright Vacuum Fluorescent Display
- Built-in Rechargeable Battery
- Under hook for suspended weighing
- Standard Breeze break for 1mg resolution models
- Counting function with ACAI (Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement)
- Auto Power ON/OFF function
- Digital Calibration Function
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