Beckman Allegra 6R (366816) Bench-model, Refrigerated Centrifuge

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Dimensions (approx.):
30"W x 28"D x 17"H (outside)
120 Volts, 60 Hz, 12A
Product Description Ideal for Cell Culture, Plasma and Other General-Purpose Separations. Process up to 56 x 15 mL conical tubes or 12 standard microplates. Spins tubes, bottles, microplates and specialty bottles up to 3,210 x g. Interchangeable rotors available. Includes GH-3.8A Rotor, high-capacity - 4 x 750 mL. 3,750 rpm (3,210 x g). Includes buckets & inserts where available used from stock.

Approximate Acceleration Time: 1 min
Approximate Deceleration Time: 3 min
Drive Type: Direct drive, replaceable brushes
Maximum Heat Dissipation into Room under Steady-State Conditions: 1.59 kW (5,425 Btu/hr)
Noise Level 1 Meter in Front of Centrifuge: < 60 dBA
Set Temperature: -5° C to 25° C
Set Time: 30 min timer, hold
Speed Control: ± 30 rpm of set speed
5,710 g (6,100 rpm) with Fixed Angle Rotor
4,550 g (4,730 rpm) with Swinging Bucket Rotor
Accepts Samples from 1.5 to 750 mL
Exclusive Rotor with Automatic Rotor Imbalance Equilibrium System (ARIES)
Smart Balance Technology
Spins Tubes, Bottles, Microplates, Specialty Bottles, and Blood Bags depending on rotor.

The included GH-3.8A Rotor features Automatic Rotor Imbalance Equilibrium System (ARIES) technology. This rotor is designed to spin a wide range of vessels from 1.5mL tubes to 750mL bottles. Sturdy stainless steel construction with free-swinging aluminum buckets. Exclusive Smart Balance system identifies and corrects for imbalance conditions of ±50 grams. Accommodates maximum tube/bottle length: 120mm. Maximum speed of 3750rpm. Maximum RCF of 3200g
Note: Bucket covers, Aerosolve Canisters, 250 conical bottles, and 500mL flat bottom bottles are not compatible with this rotor.