Berthold LB509 Radioactivity HPLC Detector

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Dimensions (approx.):
8"W x 19"D x 7.5"H (outside)
115 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 40vA
Product Description The HPLC LB 509 may be connected to any chromatography data system. A special interface ensures that the signals transferred to the data station (HPLC controller/integrator) will be processed just like those from a UV monitor.
The Radioflow Detector LB509 can be used to detect radiolabelled compounds by flow-through monitoring using HPLC. The radioactivity monitor is employed for the measurement of all sources commonly used in radiochromatography. In the flow-through method it can detect all isotopes, including alpha, beta, gamma using various measuring cells, following the separation column and the mass detector (UV monitor). It is suitable for PET applications.
A number of different measuring cells, which can easily be exchanged, are available for various applications.
Together with an HPLC system, radioactive flow can be continuously monitored and detected.
Detector type: flow through radioactivity monitor
Pre-set counting protocols
Fraction Collection online peak detection allows control of collector/waste valve independent of data station software
Standalone control from soft key interactive display
RS-232 interface for direct connection to a PC

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