BHT SM 700 Innova Free-standing Glassware Washer

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Dimensions (approx.):
31.5"W x 27"D x 35"H (outside)
3 x 400 volt+N+PE Volts,
Product Description This BHT SM 700 Innova free-standing Glassware Washer is an automatic cleaning, disinfecting and drying machine. It includes the upper & lower flask-scrubbing racks as shown designed to clean a total of 200 pieces at a time. Complete digital control & display. Stable design with stainless steel frame and invisible welding, double-walled insulated housing for heat & sound insulation, multiple-action labyrinth seal to prevent water or air from escaping without wear, fresh water circulation with quiet efficient pump and automatic decalcifier regeneration with fault indicator if salt container is empty.
Other features include:
Rear contact connection: uncomplicated insert replacement as the water is automatically connected (without loss of water) during changeover. Operator errors are not possible.
Complete discharge of pump & tank: non-return valve integrated in the discharge system prevents the transport of caustics.
Two dosage pumps: correct automatic metering of all cleaning additives, neutralizer and conditioners.
Air cooling: of heated utensils after drying eliminates a waiting period during the washing process.
Programming: 12 different programs (governing process sequence & temperature) can be precisely coordinated to requirements by the user.
Program control: multifunction electronic process control with permanent performance check of all triggered outputs, electronic sensor breakage monitoring of the temperature control and self-diagnosis.
Diagnosis possibilities: further benefit the electronic control system; all machine functions can be checked at the keypad without manual interference.
Electromagnetic door locking: protects operating staff and guarantees safe disinfection.
Further safety measures: door safety contact, motor protection switch, overheating protection, times inflow and outflow protection and drying cycle protection with separate safety thermostat per heating element.
Washing system = air system: regular disinfection phases prevent germination in the air ducts.
Withdrawable servicing unit: all of the electrical switchgear and control elements as well as the dryer (blower & filter( can be accessed in an easy movement at the front of the appliance. 90% of the wearing parts can be serviced without dismantling the machine.
Integrated drying with microfilter: eliminates the need for an additional dryer and guarantees fast perfect drying even of hollow objects.
Software-controlled heating register with PT-100 sensor is steplessly adjustable to 100C.
Air heating: PTC heating element, excluding the possibility of burning out or overheating.
Connections: cold water, warm water & deionized water.
Connected load: 8600 watts
Heating output: 8000 watts
Fusing: 2.5A
Heater: 1800 watts
Blower: 700 watts, 150 m3/h
Much more information is available on request.

Permanent programs include: AN Material, OP Instruments, Chemical Disinfection, Glassware, Containers & Drying (further explained in the manual available upon request).

Other programming possibilities: up to 12 different programs (governing process sequence & temperature) can be precisely coordinated to requirements by user.