Brookfield SSA Small Sample Adapter for Viscometer

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Product Description The Small Sample Adapter provides a defined geometry system for accurate viscosity measurements at precise shear rates.
Consisting of a cylindrical sample chamber and spindle, the Small Sample Adapter is designed to measure small sample volumes of 2 to 16 mL, and easily attaches to all standard Brookfield Viscometers/Rheometers.
Features include:
Removable Sample Chamber: The design of the Small Sample Adapter allows the sample chamber to be easily changed
and cleaned without disturbing the set-up of the viscometer or temperature bath. This
means that successive measurements can be made under identical conditions.
Temperature Control: The sample chamber fits into a water jacket so that precise temperature control can be achieved when the Brookfi eld circulating temperature bath is used. The stirring action of the rotating spindle, plus the small sample volume, helps to keep the temperature gradient across the sample to a minimum. Direct readout of sample temperature is
provided using sample chambers with optional embedded RTD sensor connected to the DV-I Prime and DV-II+Pro Viscometers and the DV-III Ultra Rheometer. Working temperature range for the Small Sample Adapter is from -15°C to 100°C.
Cylindrical Geometry: The Small Sample Adapter's coaxial cylinder geometry provides extremely accurate
viscosity measurements at defined shear rates.
The following are included with the purchase of a new Brookfield Small Sample Adapter:
1. Water Jacket
2. Locating Channel Assembly
3. Choice of one SC4 Spindle (please refer to the attached chart)
4. Choice of one SC4 Sample Chamber (please refer to the attached chart)
5. Insulating Cap
6. Extension Link with Coupling Nut
7. Storage Case (not shown)

Embedded RTD temperature Probe in Chamber
SC4-13RD Disposable Sample Chambers (requires special water jacket: request more info)
Temperature Bath (request more info) with EZ-Lock Spindle Coupling
Disposable Sample Chambers and SC4-27D Spindle: Disposable 13R chambers, for hard-to-clean materials, are available in a kit that comes complete with 100 chambers and special-sized water jacket (Part No. SSA-DCU). Additional disposable chambers can be purchased in quantities of 100 (Part No. SC4-13RD-100).
EZ-Lock Option: Small Sample Adapter is now available with special EZ-Lock spindle coupling for use on
standard Brookfield Viscometers/Rheometers already equipped with the EZ-Lock feature.
The following link provides additional information from the instruction manual or original manufacturer's brochure. Right-click to open the PDF in a new window or download it: