Polyscience SD07R-20-A11B Refrigerated Bath

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Dimensions (approx.):
6"W x 5.5"L x 5"deep (inside)
23"W x 16"D x 16"H (outside)
Specify: 115 or 220 Volts,
Product Description This Polyscience SD07R-20-A11B bath includes the SD controller which offers PC control.
The less expensive MX is an economical choice which does not have PC control capability. (request a quote).
The AP Series Controller offers full color touch-screen interface and is standalone programmable or offers PC control with Rheocalc software (request a quote).

It offers a 7-liter reservoir capacity and accommodates one 600 mL beaker. Provides stand-alone operation with no tap water required and easy control of set-point.

Programmable with PC control using Rheocalc Software
2 speed pump
Quick scroll to set temperature in standalone mode
temperature range: -20 to +170°C
Maximum temperature up to 170°C (to 200°C with AP controller)
Flow Rate: 11LPM

Features & Benefits:
Provides standalone operation - no tap water required
Easy control of set-point
Configured to measure viscosity directly in the bath - accommodates 600 mL beaker
Programmable Controller version is designed to automate sample temperature control
Built-in circulator pumps to external devices

***can be used with Brookfield water jacketed devices: Wells-Brookfield Cone/Plate Viscometer, R/S-CC and R/S-CPS Rheometers and Small Sample Adapter, Ultra-Low Adapter and DIN Adapter.
The following link provides additional information from the instruction manual or original manufacturer's brochure. Right-click to open the PDF in a new window or download it: