Buck Scientific 410 Mercury Analyzer

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39"W x 11"D x 12"H (outside)
Specify 115 or 220 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 80W
Product Description The Model 410 Mercury Analyzer incorporates the Hatch & Ott Cold Vapor Technique for the analysis of trace levels of mercury in drinking, surface and saline waters, as well as domestic and industrial wastes. Perfect for EPA Method 245.1.

- Detection limit 10 PPT
- 400 mm Flowcell for lower detection levels
- Complete analytical system includes Hg Cold
- Vapor Kit
- Affordable price perfect for labs with limited budget
- Quick analysis and recovery time
- Up to eight point calibration curve
- Push button Quick-Purge for flow cell flushing
- RS 232, Printer and analog recorder output
- Simple to use-minimal operator training
- D2 Background correction
- Live technical assistance for the life of the instrument

This method is based on the absorption of radiation by mercury vapor at the 253.7nm line. The mercury is first reduced to the elemental state using the procedure outlined in EPA method 245.1. Air is then bubbled through the sample, speeding the mercury vapor to the absorption cell. The 253.7nm mercury line emitted by the lamp is absorbed by the vapor in the cell in proportion to the mercury concentration. The result is transmitted to the Digital readout which can be read directly in concentration of mercury. The instrument has a built-in "Peak-Picker" which reads peak area. The operator records this reading before purging. The instrument is then ready for the next sample.

Detection Limits: 10 PPT (In a clean lab environment)
Absorption Cell: 400 mm pathlength with silica windows
Output:: RS232 and Analog
Background Correction: In-line Deuterium Lamp
Delivery system: Includes air dryer and charcoal filter
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