Sineo Microwave Chemistry Master-40 Microwave Digester

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Dimensions (approx.):
22 x 26 x 28"H (outside)
220-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 16A
Product Description Brought to you by Buck Scientific, the Master 40 high throughput microwave digestion system is ready to digest samples, and take care of your extractions with the push of a button.
40 Vessel - Master Series Microwave Digestion System has a fan for Minimal Corrosion.

Master Series Microwave Features:
- 2200 W Power Output (Continuous, Non-Pulse Technology)
- Internal Pressure and Temperature Sensing - Master Vessel
- External IR Temperature Sensing of all Vessels
- PFA-Teflon Lined 65L Inner Chamber w/ Large Exhaust
- Collapsible Carousel Trolley for Ease of Loading/Unloading Vessel Rack

Individually framed 70mL 40TFM Vessels are included
Explosion Proof, Composite Fiber Outer Vessel
Safety Bolt Technology (No Consumable Membranes)
Maximum Pressure: 5mPa (725 psi)
Maximum Temperature: 260°C
Integrated 40 Position Vessel Rack

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