Sineo Microwave Chemistry MDS-10 Microwave Digester

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25 x 26 x 27"H (outside)
Product Description Brought to you by Buck Scientific, the MDS-10 features a 65 Liter oven, powered by a dual magnetrons. Dual magnetrons help evenly distribute the microwave emissions, and have a peak output of 1800W.
The magnetrons are used with an inverter to deliver a smooth power gradient.
The 100ml high pressure reaction vessels have a composite fiber safety casing which is treated with a polymer coating to prevent delamination.
The six-layer steel structure armored glass explosion proof chamber door is equipped with an automatic pop-up buffer structure and electronic and mechanical dual-control door lock.
Patented vertical explosion pressure relief technique, with max. sustained pressure of 15MPa (2250psi)and a maximum sustained temperature of 300°C.
The crystal pressure sensor reports the internal pressure and pressure rise curve of reaction vessel in real time, with pressure control range of 0 to 10 MPa (1500psi) and control precision of 0.01MPa.
A High precision platinum resistor sensor reports the internal temperature and temperature rise curve of the reaction vessel in real time, with temperature control range of 0 to 270°C and the precision of ±1°C.
A high throughput reaction rotary table can bear up to 15 high pressure reaction vessels (comes with 10) with the capacity of 100ml simultaneously, and a user may increase or decrease such vessels according to need.

Maximum sustained pressure: 15MPa (2250psi)
Maximum sustained temperature: 300°C
Inner vessel capacity: 100 ml
Outer vessel material: fully closed anticorrosive super strength composite fiber
Inner vessel material: TFM (intensified Polytetrafluor Ethylene)
Cooling mode: automatic air cooling inside chamber/natural cooling outside chamber
Sample processing capacity: 15 pieces at a time
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