Sineo Microwave Chemistry MDS-6G Microwave Digester

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18 x 20 x 20"H (outside)
220 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 8A
Product Description Brought to you by Buck Scientific, the Microwave Digestion / Extraction System MDS-6G

1) Process up to 6 vessels per run (standard configuration) till 8 (optional)
2) Pressure control for every vessel, controllable pressure range: 0.1~10.0Mpa (1500psi)
3) Accurate temperature control system, maximum controllable temperature 300 degree (inside vessel)
4) Preset up to 30 programmable reaction methods for different samples including digestion and extraction

- The outer vessel exclusively made by ultra-strength aerospace composite fiber is invincible in anti-explosion, and its performance indicators such as corrosion resistance, high temperature/impact/pressure resistance are far better than that of the widely used modified PEEK engineering plastics vessel (this material is fusible at high temperature, fragile at high pressure and explosive by chemical corrosion). The compressive strength of aerospace composite fiber is up to 10000psi and temperature
500-600°C, fundamentally eliminating safety risks to operator in use.
- Quantified vertical blast/safety bolt design, ensures samples be closed completely and trigger a quantified pressure relief while over pressure; safety bolt (patent) unit, instead of safety membrane and other consumables, ensure the digestion vessel be sealed completely under normal working conditions. And only when the pressure is large enough and may constitute a danger to the safety, the safety bolt will automatically blow out vertically and the cover auto-up to release the pressure, achieving quantified vertical blast pressure-relief to guarantee its well operation. Under normal operation, the safety bolt won't blow out and requires no replacement. In addition, it is easy for venting to open the cover after completion of digestion.
- The industrial-leading pressure measuring technology by piezoelectric crystal and high-precision Pt sensor temperature measurement and control, through closed-loop control of microwave power by inverter technique, ensure the accuracy of pressure and temperature monitoring and control. The application of patented piezoelectric crystal brings about complete isolation of samples from pressure measurement system in digestion process, thoroughly solving the problems of cross contamination of samples due to commonly used air pipe in market and of the limitation in digestion samples because of low-pressure proof of air pipe.
- The patented design that the whole set of digestion vessels in chamber always continuous rotates in one direction, breaks conventions of <360° back and forth rotation of the digestion unit, avoiding uneven heating on vessels by microwave and reducing impact on turntable motor, extending service life.

Microwave frequency: 2450MHz
Complete machine installation power: 1800W
Max output power: 1000W, providing non-pulse continuous microwave heating control
Pressure measurement control system: Piezoelectric crystal pressure sensor, controlled pressure scope: 0~10MPa (1500psi), accuracy: 0.01MPa
Temperature measurement control system: High-precision platinum resistance temperature sensor, measured temperature scope:0~300'C, accuracy: 1'C
Outer sample reaction vessel: Anti-explosion outer vessel made of composite fiber which cannot be cracked, broken or torn under the action of explosion
Inner sample reaction vessel: TFM material
Cavity exhaust system: Corrosion-resistance centrifugal fan with high power, exhaust air rate: 3.1m3/min
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