BYK Gardner byko-visc DS (8324) Krebs Viscometer

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Product Description
The DS model is an easy to use digital Stormer viscometer that measures in KU (Krebs Units), Grams, and Centipoise units. Automatically controls and maintains the rotational speed at 200 rpms
Complies with ASTM method D562
The byko-visc DS has a direct digital readout of Krebs units (KU), centipoise (cP), and grams (gm). The instrument rapidly calculates viscosity values.The digital stormer maintains the rotational speed
at 200 rpms in compliance with ASTM D 562. The viscometer automatically starts and stops the motor shaft rotation by lowering or raising the instrument stand.
- Easy to use . automatic rotational speed control ü¡ Automatically calculates KU, centipose, and gram units
- Printer interface for test report output
- Instrument base accessory to fit quart, pint, 1/2 pint containers
- Calibrated with NIST traceable oils
- Universal power supply . One model for global use

Fast measurement results

Range: 40-141 KU; 32-1090 grams; 27-5274 cP
Resolution: 0.1 KU; 1.0 gm; 0.7 cP
Accuracy: within ± 1 % full scale
Repeatability: within ± 0.5 % full scale
Spindle Speed: 200 rpm±0.1 rpm

Comes complete with Viscometer, 1 paddle spindle, Adapter for 1 pint, 1/2 pint containers, Operation Manual
The following link provides additional information from the instruction manual or original manufacturer's brochure. Right-click to open the PDF in a new window or download it:
BYK Gardner byko-visc DS (8324) Krebs Viscometer
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