BYK Gardner TCM Gloss 8800 Bench-top Colorimeter

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Dimensions (approx.):
12"H (outside)
115 Volts, 60 Hz, 100W
Product Description The BYK Gardner TCM Gloss 8800 is designed to determine the color and spectral characteristics of a wide variety of materials under laboratory and industrial conditions. Measures samples in reflectance mode.
The System consists of three major components: (1) The Color Machine" spectrophotometer; (2) an host computer with at least 640K RAM, configured with at least a 10Mb hard disk drive, a math coprocessor, a color monitor and interface boards and cables (NOT INCLUDED); and (3) QC system software (NOT INCLUDED) to measure, integrate, evaluate, report, and store color and spectral data. A printer, although optional, is recommended (NOT INCLUDED). Any compatible dot matrix printer equipped with a parallel port will operate on the system. In its standard configuration, The Color Machine" system measures samples in reflectance mode. The specular component of the reflected light, also known as gloss, is excluded. The Color spectrophotometer employs a 45°illumination/O° viewing geometry. A high resolution, full-dispersion, holographic grating polychromator is employed to cover the visible spectrum from 380 nm to 720 nm in 10 nm segments. The Color Machine" with Gloss permits evaluation of the total reflectance (appearance) of a sample including gloss effects which are measured with a 60° glossmeter.
The Color Machine" Color System software permits the selection of 2° or 10° standard observers, multiple color scales and illuminants, asymmetrical tolerancing and delta functions. The system also computes values for the chromaticity difference (aC), the total color difference (aE) , as well as yellowness and whiteness indexes based on established ASTM standard methods.