BYK Gardner 5750 Conical Mandrel Tester

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20"W x 6"D x 7"H (outside)
Product Description For a coating to perform properly during use, the paint must have the proper amount of flexibility to withstand cracking under stress. A common test is bending a coated panel over a cylindrical or conical shaped bar. A mandrel bender is commonly used to test for paint flexibility. The degree of bending or deformation of the coated surface is measured to assess the coating flexibility

The varying mandrel diameter (3.2 mm - 38.1 mm, 1/8 to 1.5 inches) stretches a coating through a gradient of distension, allowing precise determination of adhesion characteristics.

.Precision cut conical mandrel for accurate results
.Built-in ruler for convenient measurement
.Special sample holder plate design to prevent panel slippage
.Economically price
.Compliant with ASTM and ISO methods
.Durable design for long term use

- Aluminum panels up to 20.3 cm (8 inches) wide and 1.6 mm (.063 inches) thickness can be tested
- Steel panels up to 20.3 cm (8 inches) wide and 0.8 mm (.031 inches) thickness can be tested
- Durable sturdy stainless steel mandrel
- Built-in ruler to measure the failure point
- Compliant with ASTM D522 Method A

- Carefully cover test panel with paper between mandrel and draw bar, and clamp the probe
- Fold the test panel around the cone by using the manually operated arm that is pivoted at the ends of the axis of the cone
- Bend uniformly at 180 degrees within 15 seconds
- Remove panel and examine the coating for cracks
- Mark the point at which the cracking stops and measure the distance from the farthest end of the crack to the small end of the mandrel
- Appropriate calibration curves also permit determination of the elongation values of the paint film
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