BYK Gardner Pendulum Hardness Test (5858) Hardness Tester for Paints

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Dimensions (approx.):
12.6"W x 30"D x 12"H (outside)
Product Description
Simple laboratory measuring instrument for hardness measurements in accordance with the Konig and Persoz methods. Meets Standards ASTM D4366, ISO 1522.

- Automatic counter with acoustic signal when the deflection is below 3° (Konig) or 4° (Persoz) respectively
- Registration of pendulum deflection by means of 2 light barriers
- Digital counter
- Changeable from Konig to Persoz by means of a third light barrier
- Selector switch for display in seconds or number of oscillations

Description Weight Ball Diameter Deflection Start/End Period of Oscillation Damping Time on Glass
5858 - Pendulum Hardness Test Konig 200 g ± 0.2 5 mm 6° / 3° 1.4 s 250 s ± 10 s
5859 - Pendulum Hardness Test Persoz 500 g ± 0.1 8 mm 12° / 4° 1 s 430 s ± 10 s according to ISO

Comes complete with:
Pendulum hardness tester; Protective cover; Cable release; Tools; Pendulum (for 5861 two pendulums) Glass plate; Spirit level; Power cord; Operating manual

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BYK Gardner Pendulum Hardness Test Hardness Tester for Paints
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