BYK Gardner Pocket Goniometer PGX+ (1937) Surface-Tension Tensiometer

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Product Description The PocketGoniometer PGX+ is a convenient device to quality control surface properties for contamination, adhesion, surface tension, and printability. The sample substrates can be coatings, plastic polymers, paper, and glass. The PGX+ is a portable device that is placed directly onto the sample surface eliminating sample preparation. The instrument has a video camera and dosing pump to precisely delivery a 0.5 Êl droplet. The PGX+ is connected directly to a laptop or PC using a USB port. The camera image can be analyzed for static contact angle, dynamic contact angle, surface tension, and surface energy.

- Surface energy determination using more than one probing liquids
- Surface tension measurement from droplet shape . tangent angle analysis
- Dynamic contact angle to measure the wetting, absorption, spreading rate properties
- Automatic droplet application for static or dynamic mode
- Portable size for convenient sample measurement

Built-in digital camera and dosing pump
Can measure static and dynamic contact angle
Place instrument directly onto sample surface - no sample preparation needed
USB connection to PC or laptop

Comes complete with:
Calibration kit, Spare pump tubing, Droplet dispenser, Software, Carry case
Note: Software for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, (32 and 64 bit)