Caron 6024-1 Floor-model Humidity Chamber

Alternate Names:
Environmental Chamber
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Dimensions (approx.):
30"W x 27"D x 52"H (inside)
36"W x 37"D x 77"H (outside)
115 Volts, 60 Hz, 11.8A
Product Description Caron 6024 humidity chamber provides the ideal environment for small to large scale, high volume cell culture. Comes standard with unique features, including: energy-efficient components, swivel casters and leveling feet, a tool-less removable interior, an automatic, rapid overnight decontamination cycle, lockable control panel and more. This chamber originally had CO2 control as well, which will not be tested or warrantied, although for a slight additional cost that can be added.

Temperature range: 10°C above ambient to 60°C.
Temperature Control: ±0.1°C
Temperature Uniformity: ±0.3°C
Chamber Volume: 25 cu.ft. (708 liters)
# of Shelves: 4 Standard (25 Maximum)
Humidity Range: Ambient to 95%RH
Humidity Control: ±3% RH

Temperature is controlled with a drift-resistant RTD temperature sensor, providing stable temperature control over long periods of time.

- Controlled humidity. It delivers humidity vapor as-needed without wasting energy or generating heat, eliminating the need for a water pan, therefore eliminating standing water and reducing the risk of contamination. By controlling humidity to a specific setpoint, the Caron system allows the CO2 incubator to control humidity at elevated levels without creating condensation.
- The rapid decontamination cycle cleans the incubator overnight, minimizing downtime. Caron's 90°C moist heat decon cycle is a scientifically proven method for safe and effective decontamination.
- Caron's gentle horizontal airflow system generates evenly distributed airflow across all shelf locations. Maximum uniformity and rapid recovery are maintained, even under heavy loads.
- The interior consists of polished stainless steel, which is highly resistant to corrosion, and aids in an easy and effective cabinet wipe-down when needed.
_ The adjustable shelves are readily arranged to meet your application's needs and slide out, making samples at the back of the chamber easy to access.
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