B Braun Biotech Certomat BS-1/25 mm Shaking Incubator

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Dimensions (approx.):
35"W x 24"D x 21"H (inside)
51"W x 31"D x 51"H (outside)
120 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 15 A
Product Description The Certomat BS-1/25MM is an incubating shaker for use in cellular growth applications. Continuous orbital shaking and control of incubation accomplishes this task.
Well suited for the growth of bacteria, yeast, insect and plant cells in a temperature-controlled environment from above ambient temperature up to 70°C.

This system provides ease of use combined with an efficient use of space. Up to three units can be stacked and operated at one time without compromising functionality. This includes running each instrument at its maximum speed of 400 RPM while being fully loaded with a maximum load of 20 kg.
The shaking orbit of the incubator is 25mm on this model and attains a temperature range of +8 to 70 C. The Certomat can be equipped with a cooling unit to allow the incubator to reach temperatures as low as -10 C.
Ease of use is derived from all incubation and shaking parameters being fully programmable. Programming is defined via five programs that each have five steps of their own: four steps and one pre-step. This unit has a capacity of holding 6 5L flasks

Shaking speed: 40 to 400 rpm
Accuracy: ±1% of max. value
Mode: orbital
Amplitude: 25 mm
Temperature range: ambient +8°C to +70°C
Version with cooling: ambient -10°C to +70°C
Programming Parameters: Speed, temperature, illumination (option)
Timing: date, hour, minute
Programs: up to 5 programs, with cycling
Memory: Restart after power failure
Alarms: acoustic and shown on LCD

Three units stackable without speed reduction
Adjustable mass compensation for maximum speed
Fully programmable
Five programs with four steps and one pre-step each
Integrated cooling system on refrigerated models
Illumination unit optional, for growth of photosynthetic organisms
Speed of 40 to 400 rpm
Comprehensive alarm system
Integrated drip tray to contain any accidental spillage
Large kitchen cabinet style steel frame doors with transparent sight glass
Right side panel opens with service key for easy access
Large universal platform for use with clamps/racks and or sticky mat/tape
Up to 6 × 2,800 ml Fernbach flasks
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