Digene DML 2000 Microplate Luminometer

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Dimensions (approx.):
16"W x 19.25"D x 6"H (outside)
100/240 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 0.95A
Product Description The Digene DML 2000 microplate luminometer is intended for intensification measurement and light radiation analysis, appearing after chemiluminescence during Digene's Hybrid Capture System (Automated Plate Washer, Microplate Heater, MST Vortexer & Rotary Shaker not included but MAY be available at additional cost). The Digene DML 2000 microplate luminometer is operated with the help of computer (Digene Hybrid Capture System Quantitative Software - NOT included). The DML2000 is a luminometer, enabling to register bio- and chemiluminescence of non-transparent microplates. The Digene DML 2000 Hybrid Capture System can operate on 96 microplates. Radiation intensification is determined with the help of photo-multiplier, with signal amplification system and turning it into electric impulses. Detected signals are turned into relatives light units (RLU) and printed out for each microplate.
Dynamic diapason 10-5 x 10-6 RLU
Spectrum diapason 300-650 nm
Minimum PC requirements: Pentium 133; 16 MB; 1Gb HDD
The DML Luminometer is part of the Hybrid Capture Modular System, which consists of a Rotary Shaker, Microplate Heater, Automated Plate Washer, Multi-Specimen-Tube (MST) Vortexer, and customer-configured PC preinstalled with Hybrid Capture Software - none of these items are included with this luminometer, but may be available separately. Includes computer #31583, with Digene Microplate System 2.0 loaded on it.