Dohrmann Rosemount DN-1900/ASM-1900 Nitrogen Analyzer

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Dimensions (approx.):
23"W x 26"D x 22"H (outside)
120-220 Volts, 50/60 Hz,
Product Description The DN-1900 nitrogen analyzer is a dual-channel analyzer for total nitrogen (TN), nitrates and nitrites (N/N), plus organic nitrogen (ON) in wastewater, sea water, drinking water, industrial wastewaters and pharmaceutical waters.
One channel catalytically oxidizes samples for total nitrogen. The other unique channel features a proprietary process for determining nitrates and nitrites.
The DN-1900 can also automatically calculate the difference between TN and N/N to provide an accurate measurement of ON - the equivalent of TKN - Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen. This analyzer uses the proven technology of chemiluminescence detection and high-temperature combustion (800C-1000C) while being rapid and sensitive.
Inject the water sample once for total nitrogen and within 2-3 minutes get TN. Inject again and get nitrogen oxide content. Within 5 minutes, the instrument provides the precise organic nitrogen content - down to the trace level of 90 ppb.
The DN-1900 is designed for rugged performance and simple operation, and offers several features:
Oxidative catalyst
Nitrate/nitrite analysis
Vertical combustion tube
Small footprint
Dedicated keypad
Flat panel video display
Menu-driven software
Standard printer, analog recorder and RS-232 outputs
Autosampler ASM-1900 with 32 position capacity for 8mL vials and 5 repeats per vial
Sample size for sample injection: TN 20uL nomial, 40uL max; N/N 400uL max
Sample size for autosampler: 10-100uL
Ranges: 0.01 to 200ppm N/N, +/-5ppb with 400uL; 0.06 to 200ppm TN, +/-30ppb with 20uL; 0.09 to 200ppm ON, +/-45ppb with 20uL; 0.2 to 8000ng N.
Official methods: ASTM D5176 and JIS-K0102