Dynatech Ultra Wash Plus Microplate Washer

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Alternate Names:
Elisa Washer
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Dimensions (approx.):
7"W x 16"D x 10"H (outside)
115 Volts, 60 Hz,
Product Description The Dynatech (Dynex) Ultrawash PLUS is a reliable, fast, automated 96-well single buffer microplate washer. The Ultrawash PLUS handles most 96-well plate formats, including Flat, 'U', 'V', and 'C' shaped wells. You can easily clean the removable wash head to assure reproducible dispense volumes and minimize potential contamination. Stores up to 20 wash protocols and 5 microplate types. 96-well manifold completes an entire plate wash in 13 seconds. Adjustable dispense volume, soak time, aspirate time and wash cycles. Dispense volume: 50-500 uL per well. Soak Time: 0 - 90 seconds. Each sequence allows the following selectable options: dispense volume, soak time, aspirate time and number of wash cycles. Automatic clean cycle. Vacuum pump is not included. *** The bottle set (4 bottles), tubing kit and bottle holder are available NEW for an additional cost. ***
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