Eagle Eye SG-5000BT Density Meter

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Dimensions (approx.):
8.5"W x 8"D x 5.5"H (outside)
100-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz,
Product Description Density measurement of liquids and gases is a proven method for analysis and quality control in numerous industries. It enables you to reliably determine product-specific parameters and concentrations of binary mixtures. The SG-5000BT density meter now brings unique simplicity to your analysis, providing you with our renowned SG-ULTRA MAX quality (based on the oscillating U-tube principle) at the push of a button. Benefit from high-end accuracy and functionality condensed into a compact, stand-alone solution. Your measurements are safe against voltage fluctuations and power outages, as the SG-5000BT carries an integrated rechargeable battery. Building on this uninterruptible power supply, you can easily take your density lab off the line.
- Ready to Go Out of The Box: To start measuring with the SG-5000BT, simply switch it on and you are ready to go!
- Take Your Liquid Quality Control to New Places: The compact size of the SG-5000BT allows you to use it in the lab, on the road or near the sample.
- Displays Any Measuring Unit You Require: Select one of 20 freely configurable methods, each including a setup of up to two measuring units and a temperature.
- Ensures Reliable Filling and Full Traceability: Correct results strongly depend on bubble-free filling, ensured by the SG-5000BT's optionally integrated peristaltic pump. The FillingCheck® feature automatically detects filling errors and gas bubbles in the filled sample and generates a warning message. With the U-ViewÖ feature, you can visually inspect the measuring cell by means of a real-time camera. Pictures of the measuring cell are saved with the according measuring
data, ready to be recalled for verification of correct sample filling any time later. The instrument's sample identification ensures full traceability of your results, saving and displaying these with identification data such as sample type, batch number, user, instrument, location and more. For instant identification, you can also connect a bar code reader. The SG-5000BT provides you with additional safety for measuring highly viscous samples: The instrument's viscosity correction compensates potential viscosity-related errors.
- Ready for Off-The-Line Operation: Voltage fluctuations or power outages are no threat for the SG-5000BT. The instrument automatically switches to the battery-operated mode for up to 6 hours of off-the-line operation.
- Wide Range of Communication Options: Printing stored data on the optional Bluetooth printer or exporting data to a PC via Bluetooth or USB allow for fast and simple documentation.
Measuring Range
Density: 0 g/cm3 to 3 g/cm3
Temperature: 15 °C to 40 °C
Pressure: 0 bar to 3 bar
Density: 0.001 g/cm3
Temperature: 0.3 °C
Repeatability s.d.
Density: 0.0002 g/cm3
Temperature: 0.1 °C
Maximum off-the-line Operation: 2 hours (6 hours with optional high-performance battery)
Minimum Sample Volume: approximately 1 mL
Predefined Tables and Functions: Alcohol tables, sugar/extract tables, acid/base tables, API functions, ten programmable custom functions
Materials in Contact with Sample: PTFE, borosilicate glass
Power Supply
Rechargeable Battery Type: Li-Ion 7.4 V, 2.25 Ah (optional: Li-Ion 7.5 V, 4.8 Ah)
Controls; Softkeys, optional keyboard or bar code reader
Communication Interfaces; 1 x Bluetooth, 1 x Ethernet, 2 x USB
Internal Storage: 1000 measured results
SG-5000BT with integrated peristaltic pump
SG-5000BT with high-performance battery (for up to 6 h off-the-line operation)
Available Accessories:
Bluetooth adapter for PC
Portable thermal printer with Bluetooth interface
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