Elga Medica 15BP DV25 Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

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Dimensions (approx.):
22"W x 16"D x 22"H (outside)
100-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 110vA
Product Description The MEDICA 15BP is a compact, high performance water purification system that directly feeds clinical diagnostic analyzers with up to 1.8L/min of CLRW standard grade water. Innovative technology, combined with it's unique features, makes the MEDICA 15 a highly reliable and cost-effective choice

- Space saving design - smallest footprint available on the market for the pure water specification. Optional Docking Vessel (included) water reservoir facilitates bench top or wall mounting as a single unit
- Guaranteed performance at all times through self monitoring software, easy system maintenance and emergency by-pass facility
- Pure water ready to go - water specification is maintained in the reservoir by regular recirculation through the system's purification process

Make-up rate @ 15°C: 15L/Hr
Delivery flow rate - maximumm: 1.8L/min @ 30 psi
Inorganics (resistivity @ 25°C: >10Mohm-cm
Organics (TOC) - typical: <30ppb
Particles: 0.2µm filter
Silica: <0.05mg/L
Feedwater Requirement:
Source: Tap water
Conductivity: <2000µS/cm
Feedwater Pressure:
Maximum with internal boost pump (BP): 30psi (2bar)

Includes docking Vessel DV25 - the L-shaped Vessels are designed as a base for the water purification system resulting in one integral, compact unit, eliminating the need for a separate reservoir and saving valuable bench space.
- 25L capacity
- Electronic monitoring of reservoir water levels from the water purification system display
- Recirculation to maintain water quality
- Composite vent filter to prevent the ingress of airborne bacteria, particulates, organic vapours and reduce CO2 levels
- Bench, wall or under bench mounting options
- Through-flow of water and smooth internal surfaces ensures no static areas to harbor bacteria
- Sloping self-draining base provides more complete sanitization and quicker rinse-out time
- Inert polyethylene construction to minimize the release of organics
- Fully opaque to avoid algal growth

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