Forma Scientific 420 (781200215) Shaking Incubator

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Dimensions (approx.):
22"W x 29"D x 21"H (outside)
115/230 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 6.5A
Product Description The Forma Scientific 420 shaking incubator has a durable and dynamically balanced orbital shaker mechanism with speed ranges from 25 to 525 RPM in 1 RPM increments. Simultaneous display of runpoints and setpoints for at-a-glance monitoring. Triple counterbalanced mechanism for optimum handling of full or unbalanced loads. Forma Orbital Shakers feature over-sized, adjustable rubber isolators to provide maximum stability. Platform motion is continuously monitored. Platforms feature a large mounting surface area and are secured with six bolts. Audible/visual over and undertemperature tracking alarms ensure product protection. Features an undertemperature safety alarm. Audible/visual, high/low, RPM tracking alarms indicate if speed deviations occur. The Forma 420 Incubator Shaker tabletop shaker features a one-piece, ergonomically designed, clear acrylic top for wide angle viewing and convenient access for easy loading and unloading. Two gas spring cylinders provide smooth lid opening and closing.

Flask Clip Capacity for 18 x 18" platform (INCLUDED)
No. of Clips Flask Size
49 25 ml
49 50 ml
25 125 ml
18 250/300 ml
16 500 ml
8 1 L
5 2 L

Other sizes of platforms may be available at extra cost.

The platform motion stops when the lid is opened and restarts when lid is closed. Microprocessor control regulates the temperature over range of 5C above ambient to 80C with control. Twin blowers ensure temperature uniformity (in the flask). Audible/visual over and undertemperature tracking alarms ensure product protection. Clamps are available new, and some sizes may be available used from stock at additional cost.