Forma Scientific 5682 (same as IEC Centra GP-8R Bench-model, Refrigerated Centrifuge

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Dimensions (approx.):
30"W x 24"D x 16"H (outside)
100/120 Volts, 60 Hz, 15A
Product Description This Forma Scientific 5682 refrigerated centrifuge is the same as a IEC Centra GP-8R centrifuge! This centrifuge provides the powerful, large-capacity performance of floor model centrifuges in a compact benchtop design. The panel features digital display of speed/g-force, run time, program number, rotor/radius setting, and temperature. Plus, you can duplicate runs exactly with a single touch of a button. Speed can be set from 500 to 5300rpm in 10 or 100rpm increments. Or you can enter the required g-force, and the unit will automatically calculate the appropriate speed for you. Run time can be set up to 5 minutes in 1-sec. increments and from 5 to 360 minutes in 1-min. increments. You can choose the HOLD position for indefinite runs in which time counts up until you manually stop the run. The program control lets you recall run parameters from memory at the touch of a button. Temperatures can be set from -5 to 40C in 1C increments. Actual temperature is displayed digitally on the control panel. A fail-safe cover interlock system prevents operation of the centrifuge while the cover is open and releases only at the completion of a run. Imbalance sensors terminate runs at low speed and signal operator to rebalance load. *** This centrifuge will accept all the IEC rotors that the IEC Centra GP-8R will accept *** - available separately for an additional cost.
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