Fungilab Thermocap Plus Two Viscosity Bath

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Petroleum Test Bath
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Product Description Precision Viscometer Bath, suitable for capillary viscometers Cannon-Fenske, Ubbelohde, Ostwald, Tube BS/U, Cannon-Manning semimicro, Ubbelohde BS/ IP/SL, BS/IP/SL (S) and BS/IP/MS.

Temperature range: room temp. +5°C to 200°C
Temperature stability: ±0.01°C
Temperature reading: Digital
Temperature sensor: PID
Heating power: 230V - 2.0kW
115V - 1.0kW
Pump power: at 50Hz - 12L/Min/0.29bar
at 60Hz - 15L/Min/.035bar
Conforms to the DIN 12876-1 III Class regulation
Protection against temperature excess and low liquid level
Aluminum treated lid with six holes for capillaries
Supplied with six universal supports, made of Delrin treated plastic
Bath capacity: 20 liters (made of borosilicate glass)
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