Gerhardt Thermoshake TH Shaking Incubator

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115-230 Volts, 50/60 Hz,
Product Description The Thermoshake Incubator shaker has an incubating chamber, which ensures a high stability of temperature. Models THO 500/1 (orbital motion) and THL 500/1 (reciprocal motion) offer a precise range without cooling function of 5° above room temperature to 60 °C.

The unit's programmability can cope with most laboratory applications. 9 programs, each with 9 programmable steps and timer settings from 1 second to 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds and infinite. Speed options: from 20-200RPM and amplitude of 50mm. The large 540mm x 380mm (21 x 14.5") platform allows for loads of up to 30Kg to be shaken effortlessly and quietly.

Heat insulated temperature chamber
Saving energy thanks to minimal heat loss
High stability of temperature Operation
Stores up to 9 programs
RS 485-interface (read out of temperature data possible)
Incubator and illumination of the interior can be set separately

Extensive accessories - Saving bench space by using two tiers console
Accessories to attach bottles, seperatory funnels, Erlenmeyer flasks and many more

Delivery of the basic model includes 4 vertical rods 150 mm long to accept the variety of attachments (spanner included for easy assembly), mains cable and an instruction manual. See attached list for other accessories.