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G.R. Scientific Micro TAN TAN Titrator

Condition: New

Brand new item from stock or on order from manufacturer
Alternate Names:
total acid number titrator
Stock #:
Available (request a quote)
Dimensions (approx.):
5 x 6.25 x 12"H (outside)
Specify 110 or 220 Volts, 50/60 Hz,

Product Description

The Micro TAN total acid number titrator has been designed to offer maximum specifications and features whilst being priced at a very competitive level. This titrator conforms to ASTM D664 for determination of acidic constituents in petroleum products, lubricants and transformer insulating oils. Results are expressed in mg KOH/g. They are stored in the data logger, displayed on the Micro TAN screen, and also sent to a printer or PC.
Features and Benefits
- Conforms to ASTM D664
- Very easy to use - intuitive keypad and function guide display
- Programmable - 3 easy to use programs depending on TAN content
- Results expressed in mg KOH/g
- 10ml high precision syringe - syringe volume dispensed in 40,000 steps.
- Connects to external pc keyboard for easy text and sample information data entry
- Connects to different types printers, pc and balances
- Data Logger - automatic data storage of last 55 analysis results
- Micro TAN applies differential measurement. Uses reference electrode with sleeve diaphragm refilled with LiCl 1 mol/L in ethanol and glass+Pt indicator electrode.
- 2 RS 232C: for printer or PC and other for connection to balance
TiCom Software (optional) is communications software between Micro TAN titrator and PC. It allows viewing and printing of all sample input, blank value and titration measurement data. Reports on multiple samples can be generated directly and exported to Excel or Access.
Printer (optional) - following data will be printed (or sent to PC) after a titration:
Header, instrument serial number, date and time, sample ID code, sample weight, titrant volume, titration result in mg KOH/g, titration duration, user name.

Technical Specifications:
Non-volatile memory: Up to 55 results in data logger instead of 50.
Blank titration, Clock/calendar.
Header texts:2 lines x 40 characters. Name of up to 4 operators
Up to 50 results stored in Data Logger
Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian
Syringe volume: Standard syringe 10 ml
Resolution: 1/40000 of syringe volume
Dispensing accuracy: (as relative error) = 0.2 % for volumes higher than 10 % of syringe
Liquid contact Syringe: borosilicate glass, polyethylene tip and synthetic plunger
The following link provides additional information from the instruction manual or original manufacturer's brochure. Right-click to open the PDF in a new window or download it:

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G.R. Scientific Micro TAN TAN Titrator

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