Hanna Instruments HI 9032 Conductivity-TDS-Salinity Meter

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Dimensions (approx.):
9"W x 8"D x 3"H (outside)
120 VAC Volts, 60 Hz, 12 W
Product Description Advanced benchtop conductivity meter with computer interface
- Built-in RS232 serial port for computer logging of data; six programs for measurement and data transfer in ROM
- Includes 4-ring potentiometric probe with 1-meter cable, temperature probe, and dust cover
- In addition to standard conductivity, unit can be separately calibrated to read in % sea water and two different fertilizer concentrations
- Calibrations are memorized, allowing use in any mode without recalibration.

EC 215 is a professional multi-range conductivity bench meter suited to everyday laboratory use. It performs measurements in four separate ranges allowing the user to switch applications without having to change the probe or recalibrate the conductivity meter. Calibration is simplified by referring to the chart printed on the front of the instrument showing Standard Conductivity values at 25°C.

These instruments are able to perform multi-range measurements by utilizing an innovative platinum 4-ring probe.

Platinum rings provide more stable results, withstand higher temperatures and are easier to clean. Temperature compensation is automatic, thanks to a built-in temperature sensor within the conductivity probe. EC 215 allows the user to adjust the temperature coefficient from 0 to 2.5% per degree Celsius, an important plus in acidic, alkaline or highly saline samples.

measuring range 0-19.99 mS/cm conductivity, accuracy: 1% full scale
0-199.9 µS/cm conductivity, accuracy: 1% full scale
0-1999 µS/cm conductivity, accuracy: 1% full scale
0-99.9 mS/cm conductivity, accuracy: 1% full scale

*** used probe is included, but not guaranteed. Probes are no longer available ***