Hobart LXIC-6 Free-standing Glassware Washer

Used Lab Equipment Warranty Condition: Used Will be thoroughly tested and serviced
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Dimensions (approx.):
21"W x 22"D x 21"H (inside)
24"W x 26.5"D x 51"H (outside)
120 Volts, 60 Hz, 15.4A
Product Description The Hobart LXiC dishwasher is a fully automatic, front-loading dishwashing machine that is equipped with a 3/4 horsepower electric motor. It is a fresh water rinse; low-temperature, chemical-sanitizing model for use with 5.25% or 8.40% sodium hypochlorite solution (bleach) as the sanitizing agent. The water supply temperature is 140°F minimum and 15 to 25 psi flowing pressure.

- 30 racks per hour
- .74 gallons of water per rack
- Hot water or chemical sanitation units available
- Low chemical alert indicator (on machines ordered with pumps, standard on chemical machine)
- Sense-A-Temp booster heater capable of 70° rise, provided on LXiH models
- Delime notification with cycle
- Chemical pump "auto-prime"
- Service diagnostics
- 16 gauge stainless steel tank
- Microcomputer, top mounted controls with digital cycle/temperature display
- Revolving upper and lower anti-clogging wash arms
- Revolving upper and lower rinse arms
- Removable stainless steel scrap screen
- Corrosion resistant pump
- Automatic pumped drain
- 17" door opening
- Automatic ?ll
- Labyrinth-type door seal
- Electric tank heat
- Two dishracks - one peg and one combination-type

This is a simple commercial dishwasher that doesn't have the bells & whistles that a laboratory glassware washer would have (such as DI rinse, or multiple cycles).