Hotpack 435305 Bench-model Humidity Chamber

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Alternate Names:
Environmental Chamber
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Dimensions (approx.):
30"W X 22"D X 26"H (inside)
44"W X 27"D X 55"H plus bench (outside)
115 Volts, 60 Hz, 14A
Product Description The Hotpack 435305 humidity chamber provides microprocessor-based control at chamber temperatures from 5 to 95°C and humidity levels from 20 to 96%. Highefficiency Quadraflow mechanical air convection employs horizontal flow to maximize condition uniformity throughout the humidity chamber.
Stainless steel shelves may be spaced to suit your laboratory's storage height requirements. Humidity is maintained by an immersion heater located in the unit's floor trough. Trough cooling coils contribute to chamber dehumidification. A heated outer door reduces condensation on the inner glass door and enhances uniformity.
Temperature and humidity controllers activate an audible alarm if sensed values exceed preprogrammed deviation ranges, disabling related heat-generating devices in the event of over-temperature conditions. For enhanced safety and equipment protection, an independent thermostat disables heat-generating components in the event a malfunction raises chamber temperature above standard limits. A magnetic door switch disables the blower and heaters if the glass inner door is opened.

Designed to accurately duplicate natural temperature and humidity conditions for applications such as stability testing of pharmaceutical products, shelf-life testing of foods, MIL-SPEC applications, and other environmental testing of packaging, adhesives, electronic components, automotive parts, paper, building materials and more. Glass inner door with full silicone gasketing (allows complete view of chamber interior without disturbing the environment). Stackable and designed with a small exterior footprint to conserve valuable laboratory space.

Includes the chart recorder (Honeywell Truline) shown in the pictures; this can easily be removed if not required.