H+P Labortechnik Variomag Multipoint HP 15P (50093533) Multi-Place Magnetic Stirrer

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Dimensions (approx.):
9.5"W x 17"D x 2"H (outside)
DC: 24 Volts,
Product Description This 15 place Variomag Multipoint inductive drive stirrer offers renowned maintenance and wear-free features in a fully synchronized multipoint platform. It offers large, flat easy-to-clean work surfaces, precise microprocessor control with bright digital display and a chemical resistant, sealed stainless-steel housing. Easily recall last used settings. Gradual start acceleration is gentle and ensures good magnetic coupling. Inductive drive ensures completely synchronized stirring at all positions. Smooth and even stirring as low as 80RPM to 2000RPM. Stir volumes up to 3L per multipoint
Applications: Mass screening applications and other applications requiring multiple stirring points

Speed range: 100 - 850 1/min
Stirring points: 15
Stirring volume: 15 x 25ml erlenmeyer flasks
15 x 50/100ml erlenmeyer flasks
8 x 250ml erlenmeyer flasks
6 x 500ml erlenmeyer flasks
6 x 1000ml erlenmeyer flasks

15 x 25ml beakers
15 x 50ml beakers
15 x 100ml beakers
15 x 250ml beakers
8 x 600ml beakers
8 x 1000ml beakers
6 x 2000ml beakers

New power supply will be included.