HunterLab Labscan II 0/45 Reflectance Colorimeter

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Dimensions (approx.):
12"W x 13"D x 12"H (outside)
Product Description The Hunterlab Labscan II is a full scanning spectrophotometer with a wavelength range of 400-700nm. Upon a command from a keyboard and under the control of the computer, LabScan II measures spectral values, requiring only 1.3 seconds for each scan of the visible spectrum. Then, upon direction from the keyboard, the instrument reduces the data and prints or displays results in seconds. It measures reflected color of raw materials and finished products. The optical sensor uses 0deg incident light on the sample plane. Viewing is at 45deg through a ring of 16 fiber optic receptor stations. This geometry excludes specular reflection from measurement and essentially eliminates the effect of directionality. Computer not included. A copy of software will be included where available from stock. Variable Sample Illumination (VSI) option is available at additional cost (please inquire if interested).
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