IKA RV 10 control V auto Rotary Evaporator

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Dimensions (approx.):
19.5"W x 16"D x 17"H (outside)
Specify 120 or 220 Volts, 50/60 Hz,
Product Description The IKA RV 10 control rotary evaporator with automatic detection of boiling points and direct connection to speed controlled vacuum pump offers all features that are necessary for reduced process time and increased overall performance. The speed managed vacuum pump significantly reduces the noise level as well. RV 10 control auto also manages the cooling water flow as it's needed. The gentle maintenance of the vacuum level prevents over- or undershooting of the target vacuum level. It allows for faster, more efficient and safer distilling processes. RV 10 control auto also is equipped with state of the art safety features such as dry run control or safety temperature circuits. The user can program, save and run up to 10 individual distilling procedures for greater flexibility.

- Motorized lift with safety lift-out function
- Smooth start and interval rotation
- Speed managed vacuum pump to be directly connected
- Recovery rate up to 100%
- Automated boiling point detection
- Universal oil/ water heating bath
- Program function for up to 10 individual procedures
- Dry run control and safety temperature circuit
- Lock function of heating bath settings
- Wide range of IKA glassware
- High performance cooling condenser

Speed range: 20 - 280 rpm
Reversible direction of rotation: yes
Lift: Motor
Heating temperature range: room temp. - 180 °C
Heat output: 1300 W
Bath volume max.: 3L
Timer: yes
RS 232 interface: yes
Vacuum controller integrated: yes

Includes IKA membrane vacuum pump
- 100% oil-free pumping ensures pure transfer, evacuation and compression
- KNF stabilization system, allows high suction speed even in the low-vacuum range
- Version for slightly aggressive or corrosive gases and vapors
- Maintenance-free, environmentally friendly and gastight (leakage rate approx. 6 x 10-3 mbar x l/s, not tested in serial production).

Package description: With heating bath, speed controlled pump, and set of vertical glassware (request price on horizontal glassware, or dry-ice condensor)

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