Diagnostics Pasteur LP35 Microplate Washer

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Elisa Washer
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110/220 Volts, 60 Hz,
Product Description The Sanofi Pasteur (Anthos, Kallestad) LP35 Microplate Washer can be equipped with 3 different manifolds: 8 well, 12 well or 16 well. The aspiration distribution system is attached to the bottles containing the washing solution and rinsing solution. A filter between the suction pump and the recovery bottle prevents any reflux of the liquid inside the Instrument. The pumps are integrated into the apparatus. The very easy to use program can Store up to 20 different tests.
The programmable Parameters include:
the number of washing cycles and the number of rows to be washed,
the rinsing time of the LP35; the contact time of the washing solutionwith the walls of the well the overflow time,
the geometry of the wells of the microplates used (fiat, round, other),
the type of manifold used (8, 12 or 16 well),
the rate of displacement af the plate holder,
the power of the suction pump.
7 rinsing procedures are available to program a fest. Each one is a combination of the following fair phases: Aspiration, Bottom aspiration;
Washing; Bottom washing.
This entirely unique washing protocol creates a whirlpool at the base of the well. lt is very effective and ensures perfect washing of the microplates regardless of the immunoenzymatic model used.