Labconco 50801-00 Glove Box

Used Lab Equipment Warranty Condition: Demo New or nearly new condition (possibly with some cosmetic dents or scratches) but will still be thoroughly tested and serviced.
Alternate Names:
Anerobic Chamber
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Dimensions (approx.):
38"W x 27"D x 28"H (inside)
63"W x 38"D x 39"H + 40"H cart (outside)
20 Amp Plug - 115 Volts, 60 Hz, 16A
Product Description With AutoPressure Control and Purge/Fill Control Module. Stainless Steel Liner. For controlled atmosphere work; provides protective barrier against hazardous or contamination-sensitive materials. Features a leak-tight environment for work with organometallic, oxygen- or moisture-sensitive materials, or when a controlled atmosphere is needed. A system of four valves permits pressurizing or purging for controlled atmosphere and dry box applications. Factory tested while pressurized with helium at 8 inches water gauge to have no detectable leaks greater than 1 x 10cc/sec. (31.55 cc/yr.). Manually controlled valves regulate glove box gas input and exhaust, including transfer chamber; control panel includes 2 gauges for both. The molded, chemically resistant and fire retardant interior has radiused corners for trouble-free performance and makes it extremely easy to wash down, purge or decontaminate. Roomy, 35 1/2 x 28 x 32 inches high compartment with large 11 x 13 x 20 inches high transfer chamber, allows convenient, fast passage of items in and out of the box. The transfer chamber's inner and outer doors are counterbalanced and pivot upward. Glove ports are 8 inches I.D., spaced on 17 inch centers. Double grooved ring allows glove change without disturbing chamber integrity. Has bolted 38"L x 28"H opening for instrument insertion. Labconco 117 vacuum pump included. Foot pedal included. Cart included. Single electrical outlet on inside left bottom.

Stainless steel chamber model has interior and transfer chamber doors of welded type 304 stainless steel. Includes 4 factory-installed manual valves; a 30-watt fluorescent light; two interior, 3-wire, 115 volt, polarized and grounded electrical outlets (6 amp combined rating) with switches on control panel; an exterior 115 volt outlet mounted on back for vacuum pump operation (with circuit breakers); two 8-inch glove rings; one pair neoprene gloves (size 9 3/4); a large safety glass window with 36 x 27 5/8 inch viewing area, 3/8 inch thick, slopes 10° from the vertical. All models include a pressure relief bubbler mounted on back. Two pressure gauges monitor both glove box and transfer chamber pressures. The inclusion of the pressure control module automatically monitors and controls the glove box pressure and alerts the operator if pressure varies from the preset limits. A foot pedal allows hands free adjustment of the glove box enclosure pressure for easy insertion and withdrawal from gloves. This purge/fill control module automatically regulates evacuation and backfill of the transfer chamber in addition to the basic control module. This option frees the researcher from manually reestablishing the transfer chamber atmosphere after the addition or removal of equipment from the box.

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