Labconco Purifier 39802-03 Reverse Flow Laminar Flow Hood

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Dimensions (approx.):
22"W x 24"D x 9"H (inside)
24"W x 26"D x 37"H (outside)
115 Volts, 60 Hz, 3 A
Product Description Class I safety enclosure suitable for work with agents that require Biosafety Level 1, 2, or 3 containment but which require no product protection from contaminants in the room air. Other applications may include preparing media, weighing powders, and other general microbiology procedures. During operation, room air is drawn from around the operator, through the work area, and into the HEPA filter. A 99.99% efficient HEPA filter removes all particles >=0.3µm. The patented Clean-SweepÖ airfoil allows air to sweep the work surface, while the patented rear baffle with zones of perforations promotes horizontal laminar airflow to maximize containment. An upper containment sash foil bleeds air into the enclosure to direct contaminants away from the operator's breathing zone, and side-entry airfoils also enhance containment. The upper dilution air supply introduces room air at the top of the sash to dilute concentrations in the upper chamber and bathes the back of the sash with clean air. A front-mounted Minihelic pressure gauge helps determine filter loading, and an optional built-in Guardian airflow monitor continuously monitors airflow and alerts the user to velocities outside of the preset range through LED and alarm indicators. Air can be exhausted back into the room to conserve conditioned room air or outside with the addition of a remote blower and exhaust adapter. All contaminated air ducts are under negative air pressure, which is an intrinsically safe design.

The upper cabinet and back are constructed of corrosion-resistant, epoxy-coated steel. The clear sash is 0.6cm (1/4") thick safety glass angled at 10° for low glare and easy viewing. It pivots from an operating position of 24cm (97/16") to a loading and cleaning position of 50.8cm (20"). A speed control regulates the variable speed built-in blower, and a low discharge volume reduces cross currents and provides quiet operation. In addition, side wiping seals help contain contaminants. The safety glass side panels provide a naturally illuminated work area, and each enclosure comes with standard fluorescent lighting. A UV light aids in surface disinfection when the enclosure is unattended. Front-mounted light and blower switches are convenient to reach, and utility ports allow passage of tubing and electrical cords.
Base stand and work surface (recommended for operation) are not included.