Market Forge Sterilmatic STM-E Bench-model or Floor-model Autoclave Sterilizer

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Dimensions (approx.):
26" x 16"H Chamber Volume: 85L (inside)
18.75"W x 31"D x 29"H (outside)
208/240 Volts, 50/60 Hz,
Product Description The Market Forge Sterilmatic STM-E sterilizes and dries any material normally processed by autoclaving. A built-in control maintains the operating temperature at a preset level up to 121°C (250°F). Timed sterilization (0-60 min.) starts after operating temperature is reached. The 103kPa (15psi) operating pressure is reached in a few minutes. Door is self-sealing and cannot be opened until steam pressure is completely exhausted. Exhaust selector may be set for liquids, instruments, or soft goods. Sterilizers feature a 0-207kPa (0-30psi) pressure gauge, temperature gauge, low water cut-off, safety valve, thermostatic steam trap, and signal light. Stand is available at additional cost. Required connections: drain, 13mm (1/2") FPT or 16mm (5/8") O.D.; copper steam exhaust connection, 10mm (3/8") IPS. All models available for operation on single- or three-phase, three- or four-wire system. UL listed and CSA certified. 84 liters volume (3 cu ft).
Must be hardwired in the location of use