Millipore AFS-3 Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

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Dimensions (approx.):
10"W x 13"D x 18"H (outside)
120 Volts, 60 Hz, 70W
Product Description Designed specifically for the clinical lab, the Millipore AFS-3 is an analyzer feed water purification system. It produces 3L/hr NCCLS Type I water from tap water for direct-feed to clinical analyzers. The purified water is suitable for constant temperature water baths, cuvette washing, reagent reconstitution, on-board serum dilution, and any other procedure which requires reagent water. System components are housed in a compact unit that can be mounted on a bench, wall, or floor stand. Product Water Quality meets NCCLS Type I Specifications: Resistivity at least 10 mohm, Bacteria no more than 10 cfu/mL, Silica no more than 0.05mg/L. Particulate contaminants: 0.22 um filtration. Organic contaminants: Reverse osmosis and activated carbon treatment. Gas spec: Controllable down to 3ppm dissolved O2 dependent on incoming water temperature. Any used filter cartridges, if present, are included AS IS (not tested, not guaranteed).

The Progard Pretreatment Pack (available new from the manufacturer's supplier at extra cost) uses activated carbon and particulate prefiltration to remove contaminants from tap water and extend the life of the reverse osmosis (RO) membrane. AFS systems produce purified water on demand. Automatic, periodic flushes of the RO membrane minimize biofilm accumulation. AFS systems are controlled by a microprocessor which allows for easy monitoring of system operation and water quality. Meeting NCCLS specifications, product water quality is monitored via an inline temperature-compensated resistivity measurement. The user accesses system performance information from a menu-driven display. The cleaning cycles, as well as system display parameters and quality warning set-points, are initiated from the user interface menus. The AFS systems will warn the user if any system performance parameter falls outside of the acceptable range. Measurement of RO feed and permeate conductivity allows for determination of the percent ionic rejection of the RO membrane. This is a critical measurement because a drop in ionic rejection will decrease the life of the AFS Cartridge and increase operating costs. In most cases, simply initiating a cleaning cycle will restore RO membrane performance. By constantly monitoring RO membrane performance, the AFS systems help to minimize operating costs.The Progard pack also has a proprietary anti-scalant which prevents the RO membrane from scaling and virtually eliminates the need for a softener as pretreatment. The thin-film composite (TFC) RO membrane removes nearly all ionic contaminants, organic contaminants in excess of 100 molecular weight, and colloidal silica from water. The AFS Cartridge uses 100% nuclear grade, single-use ion exchange resin to remove the remaining traces of inorganic contaminants. The 0.05 um final filter removes bacteria from product water. Any filter cartridge present is included strictly AS IS (not tested or guaranteed).

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