Parr 3911 Hydrogenator

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Dimensions (approx.):
30"W x 17"D x 14"H (outside)
115 Volts, 60 Hz,
Product Description This Parr 3911 shaker type hydrogenator provides compact and easily operated system for treating chemicals with hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst at pressures up to 5 atmospheres (60 psig) and temperatures to 80C. It's used primarily for synthesizing or modifying organic compounds by catalytic hydrogenation, reduction or condensation, but they are equally suitable for any other laboratory procedure in which a liquid and gas must be mixed vigorously in a glass reactor at pressures up to 5 atm. Applications arise wherever low pressure catalytic reactions are used, as in the fields of teaching, research, product development and in the production of fine organic chemicals and pharmaceuticals. In addition, these reactors are frequently used in quantitative investigations to assay compounds containing hydrogen-saturable double bonds and to test the activity of catalysts used in industrial processing. Materials to be treated in a Parr hydrogenator are sealed in a reaction bottle with a catalyst and connected to a hydrogen reservoir. Air is removed either by evacuating the bottle or by flushing with hydrogen. Pressure is then applied from the reservoir and the bottle is shaken vigorously to initiate the reaction. The bottle can be heated or cooled during this process, if necessary. After the reaction reaches the desired point, the shaker is stopped, the bottle vented and the product and catalyst are recovered. Bottle sizes: 250ml and 500ml (not included). This item will be refurbished and have new valves, gauges and hose as required. Pressure regulator for hydrogen tank is available at extra cost if required.