Pelton Crane Delta AF Bench-model Autoclave Sterilizer

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Dimensions (approx.):
10" diameter x 17.5" Deep (inside)
24 x 19 x 14"H (outside)
110-120 Volts, 50/60 Hz,
Product Description Closed door filtered air drying to ensure a high quality of sterilzation. Short 15 Minute cycle time for unwrapped instruments and automatic chamber preheating. Has electronic temperature and time control monitoring of sterilization conditions in chamber. Digital function display allows easy and accurate monitoring designed and built to ASME specifications.
The design of the autoclave has these safety features for your protection:
Door Lock: Door can be opened only when internal pressure is at atmospheric pressure.
Vent Valve: The vent valve will open and the P-2 alarm will display should the chamber pressure exceed 240 kPa.
Safety Valve: The safety valve opens as backup protection should the chamber pressure exceed 262 kPa.
Overheat Protection: Chamber temperature is protected with a surface sensor so the temperature will not exceed 159°C. It has additional overheat protection should the temperature of the heating elements reach 180°C.
Electrical Power Interruption: In case of a power failure during the sterilization cycle, pressure in the chamber is automatically vented to the atmosphere and display is blank