PerSeptive Biosystems Cytofluor 4000 TR Microplate Reader for Fluorometer

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100-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 2.4A
Product Description This Perspective Biosystems CytoFluor 4000 Microplate Reader (no temperature control) has the following features: Excitation wavelength range 320-700nm
Emission wavelength range 390-800nm
Excitation filter included: 360nm +/-20 bandwidth (405, 420, 450, 485, 530 & 590nm are available at additional cost)
Emission filter included: 485nm +/-20 bandwidth (460, 490, 530, 580, 590, 620, 645 & 409nm are available at additional cost)
Kinetic Reads on plate: 1-200 x 4 reads in cycled intervals
Specified Mix time: 1-99 seconds
Speed of operation measurement time: 60 seconds or less
Top Read down or Bottom reading for cells: Optics can be reconfigured to read top or bottom of plate
Plate type: Reads 6, 48, 96 & 384 well plates
Interface system: Serial RS-232C port
Cytofluor 4000 TR: no temperature control
PC Software for Windows 95, 98 and ME is not included but may be available at additional cost.
For applications and Fluorescence filters, please see the attached reference table.
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