Plas-Labs 830-ABC/SP/NANO 230V/50Hz Glove Box

Used Lab Equipment Warranty Condition: Demo New or nearly new condition (possibly with some cosmetic dents or scratches) but will still be thoroughly tested and serviced.
Alternate Names:
Anerobic Chamber
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Dimensions (approx.):
28"W x 22"D X 28"H (inside)
38"W x 30"D x 31"H (outside)
220 Volts, 50 Hz, 0.25A
Product Description The Plas Labs 830-ABC minimizes drafts and maximizes effectiveness of your balance. This unit features cleanliness, safety, complete containment, portability, and a draft-free atmosphere.
The Compact Glove Box is designed specifically for use in hazardous situations where materials to be weighed must be contained. The chamber is ideal for determining the dry weight or moisture content of aqueous solutions, adhesives, cereals, toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paper, plastics, and light radioactive materials. It minimizes product degradation caused by moisture absorption. The 830-ABC is beneficial when working with toxic substances, asbestos fibers, sewage residue, and harmful liquid vapors. For use with analytical balances, top loaders, bench scales and/or moisture analyzers. It has an access door instead of a transfer chamber.
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