Radwag XA 52.4Y.M.A 6-decimal Balance

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Scale, Analytical Balance
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Pan Size: 50mm Diameter (inside)
Product Description The Radwag XA 52.4Y.M.A microbalance features a modern design that enables high accuracy and fast measurements. Capacity is 51g x 0.5mg.
It is equipped with reliable measuring system housed within a tight casing. With this feature, the balance provides accuracy and fast measurement for almost any laboratory conditions.
DPA SYSTEM (Dual Point Adjustment) is an innovation enabling perfect linearity of the weighing instrument in variable ambient conditions.
The electronic part of the balance features modern hardware and software architecture. Integrated software, Windows Embedded Compact 7, Flash memory, Double Hardware System guarantee speed and reliability of collecting and processing information.
The 4Y.M.A series is equipped with 5.7" LCD colour touch screen which improves weighing instruments operation and presenting measurements results. Complex databases enable to register, print and export measurements. The weighing instrument system supports 13 languages. It is also equipped with an automatic levelling control system (LevelSENSING).

Customization option is based on individual operators' profiles and permissions levels that limit the access to the weighing instrument's menu. Programmable proximity sensors offer wide range of possibilities: zeroing, taring, printing and more.
Numerous functions, such as differential weighing, enable multi-step mass control of the same sample subjected to different processes.
The software security system and the ability to document the process using printouts (standard/non-standard) ensures compliance of the weighing instruments with GLP/GMP systems in almost every area (pharmacy, petrochemistry, environment protection and many others).

Max capacity: 52g
Minimum load: 0.5mg
Readability [d]: 5µg
Tare range: -52g
Repeatability: 4µg
Linearity: ±20µg
Eccentric load deviation: 20µg
Minimum weight (USP): 8mg
Minimum weight: 0.8mg
Weighing chamber dimensions: 170×200×220 mm
Stabilization time: ~ 3.5 s
Adjustment / calibration: internal
Display: 5.7" (touch screen)
Interface: 2×USB, 2×RS 232, Ethernet, Wireless Module, 4 Inputs, 4 Outputs (digital)
Pan Size: 50mm Diameter

Electronic level indicator - Functions: - ALARM (out of tolerance notification)
- graphic level indicator
- programmable acceptable tilts

Data exchange through USB storage devices: - update balance software
- export weighing data
- export/import databases
- export/import balance settings
- exchange data between balances

Infrared proximity sensors: Functions: - PRINT function
- TARE function
- sensor's sensitivity adjustment

Communication interfaces: - Ethernet
- 2×RS 232
- 2×USB
- additional display port
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