Revco REB404A18 Blood Bank Refrigerator

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Dimensions (approx.):
19"W x 19"D x 19"H (inside)
24"W x 26"D x 34"H (outside)
115 Volts, 60 Hz, 5A
Product Description FROM MANUFACTURER'S LITERATURE: REVCO blood bank refrigerators are designed to meet strict requirements for storage of whole blood and blood components. REB series refrigerators feature the IntrLogic microprocessor control system and positive airflow systems. REVCO blood bank refrigerators are superior to commercial food service refrigerators which are not recommended for life science or laboratory applications. IntrLogic Microprocessor Control REB series blood bank refrigerators feature enhanced digital electronic technology designed to simplify operation and deliver greater accuracy. Adjustable temperature control, range +1 °C to +8°C, factory pre-set to +4°C. Icon-based controls and displays include graphic references for universal operation. Setpoint security with key-operated triple-position master switch controls power to all systems for added safety. Audible/visual warnings for over-temperature, undertemperature and power failure, with visual status reports on critical functions. Alarm setpoints pre-set to warn of temperature deviation at +5.5°C overtemperature and +1.5°C undertemperature. Graphic thermometer confirms proper operation at a glance, shows normal, high or low temperature condition. Advanced defrost sensor manages the defrost cycle, minimizing trace amounts of frost build-up to maintain refrigeration coil efficiency. Alarm silence, ringback and automatic reset functions are standard. Push button alarm test verifies sensor activation. Battery backup assures control panel function during power failure. Extra-long alarm probe lead allows manual testing and verification, when desired. Positive, forced-air circulation to maintain temperature uniformity at all drawer levels. Directional air flow assures quick recovery after door openings. Door locking provision on all models. 1" (25 mm) access port standard on REB-404 Refrigeration System. Automatic defrost for optimum cooling capacity Automatic condensate removal; no drain lines required. 4 cu ft.
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