Rotronic HygroLab C1 Set Bench-model Water Activity Meter

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225 x 170 x 70 mm (outside)
100-240 Volts,
Product Description 0120g model. HygroLab C1 Set with HC2-AW measuring probe and HW4-Quick software. ROTRONIC provides a high-end laboratory device - the HygroLab C1 - for water activity measurements with up to four probes (optional). Connect station probes and insertion probes for measuring water activity in cheese, meat, tobacco, building materials, animal feed, pharmaceuticals products and much more.

Validated software: Easy-to-use and intuitive, the laboratory grade indicator can be used by anyone. HW4 running on a PC provides remote monitoring with charting and data recording functions.

4 input channels for HC2 station probes or HC2 insertion probes can be connected for measurement of water activity, relative humidity and temperature
Aw Quick function for fast measurement results (typically 4-5 minutes)
Audible alarm to indicate completed measurement
Saves up to 2,000 data records with %RH, °C/°F, date and time
Parameters shown: Aw, % RH, °C, °F
Aw Quick function: Integrated and via HW4 software HW4-P-QUICK-Vx (in shipment included)
Calculations: All psychrometric calculations available or user defined calculations
Probe adjustment: Single or multiple point for relative humidity & temperature One or two point temperature
Memory: 4 x 500 Aw values (2,000 Aw values)
Measurement interval: 1 s
Start-up time: 3 s
Power supply 8_16 VDC with AC adapter
Interfaces: Ethernet and USB
HW4 compatible: V3.1 and higher
Range of application: -10 - 60 °C (14 - 140 °F) / 0 - 1 Aw / 0_ - 00 %RH
LCD: 3-line alphanumeric with trend indicators
Clock: Real time clock provides a time stamp for every measurement
Current consumption: Max. 120 mA (12 VDC, backlight ON, 4 probes connected, Ethernet)
IP protection class: IP21
CE / EMC: conform EMC 2008/108/EG
FDA / GAMP: FDA 21CFR part 11 / GAMP5
Material Aluminum, ABS-757

WP40S - Dual 14mm/40mm sample cup holder (with insert)
PS14 - 100 disposable sample cups, 14mm deep (0.55")
PS40 - 100 disposable sample cups, 40mm deep (1.57")
HW4-P-QUICK - Software and USB connecting cable to PC
EA00 - Humidity Standard 0.5%RH (Five vials per box)
EA10 - Humidity Standard 10%RH (Five vials per box)
EA35 - Humidity Standard 35%RH (Five vials per box)
EA80 - Humidity Standard 80%RH (Five vials per box)
AC1211 AC power adapter 100-240 VAC / 12 VDC

See link for more information on the HC2-AW measuring probe.
The following link provides additional information from the instruction manual or original manufacturer's brochure. Right-click to open the PDF in a new window or download it: