Shel-Lab SSI3 Shaking Incubator

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Dimensions (approx.):
19"W x 18"D x 16.5"H (inside)
22"W x 25.5"D x 28"H (outside)
110-220 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 1100W, 4.2A
Product Description The Shel-Lab SSI3 benchtop shaking incubator has a chamber capacity of 3.3 Cu.Ft. **** REQUEST PRICING ON 5CU.FT. OR 10CU.FT. MODELS AS WELL ****
Platform Dimensions: 17 x 18 x 0.75" (44 x 45 x 2cm)
Temperature Range: Ambient +8°C to 60°C
Temperature Uniformity: ±0.5°C at 37°C
Oscillation Rate: 30-400 rpm, ±4 rpm (1rpm increments)

The SI4 has a transparent hood that lifts up via a hydraulic system so it will function in tight places. All of our shaking incubators feature stainless steel interiors which provide excellent durability and an easy-to-clean surface. Each unit has an easy-to-read LED display. The rotation platform is included with each unit and is self-centering for easy installation.

All major functions -- temperature, RPM and time -- have alarms that alert the user to deviations from set parameters. Overtemperature protection is provided via a safety thermostat. Digital keypad operation offers the ability to calibrate the temperature controller to a reference thermometer.

To better support the load over years of constant use, we utilize four load bearing positions for optimal weight distribution. Features include:
Microprocessor Control
Load Flexibility
Shaking Platform Included
Independent Controls for Temperature, Timer, and Shaker
Full Line of Shaking Accessories


Description Part Number Size Max #
Flask Clamp 9530528 25 ml 50
Flask Clamp 9530529 50 ml 50
Flask Clamp 9530530 125 ml 25
Flask Clamp 9530531 250 ml 25
Flask Clamp 9530526 500 ml 10
Flask Clamp 9530532 1000 ml 6
Flask Clamp 9530551 2000 ml 4
Flask Clamp 9530554 4 liter 4
Flask Clamp 9530555 6 liter 2
Fernbach Style 9530553 2.8 liter 2
Test Tube Shaking Rack 9751177 (100 Max) 10-13 ml
Test Tube Shaking Rack 9751178 (80 Max) 14-16 ml
Test Tube Shaking Rack 9751179 (60 Max) 18-20 ml
Test Tube Shaking Rack 9751180 (36 Max) 22-25 ml
Test Tube Shaking Rack 9751181 (29 Max) 50 ml
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