SLT-Lab Instruments Fluostar SLT Microplate Reader for Fluorometer

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115 Volts, 50 Hz, 150vA
Product Description The FLUOstar Fluorescence 96 well models are fully-automated microplate-based Fluorescence readers for top to bottom 96 well plate readings. By integrating a high intensity xenon flash lamp and liquid light guide technology, the FLUOstar can cover the wavelength range from 240 to 740 nm in 96 well plate formats. Measurement Modes: Wavelength: Range 250nm to 740nm wavelength range, with the option to include up to 8 Excitation and 4 emission wavelengths. Measurement Time: 16 seconds for full 96 well plate reading. Kinetic applications with up to 250 kinetic points can be defined, with interval times from 100 ms to several hours. In addition, there is the possibility to measure where it is important in a kinetic study.
NOTE: This microplate reader is not capable of stand-alone operation and must be connected to a compatible spectrofluorometer with software (not included) in order to function.