Thermo Spectronic Genesys 20 (4001/4) Visible Spectrophotometer

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Dimensions (approx.):
12"W x 13"D x 7"H (outside)
100/240 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 1.0A
Product Description The Thermo Electron Genesys 20 Visible spectrophotometer is compact, easy to use and rugged. The wavelength range (325-1100nm) and the narrow, 8nm slit width makes otherwise difficult procedures easy to perform. Includes just 10 simple keys for ease of use. A two-line, 20-character LCD readout displays data, instructions, and error messages. Concentration tests can be run by following instructions on display. Square 10mm cuvets, test tubes, or 1/2 in. test tubes all fit in the cuvette holder provided. Unit comes with a single-position cell holder, RS-232-C interface, Centronics-compatible printer port, operator's manual, and power cord.
Spectral slit width: 8nm
Wavelength range: 325-1100 (+/- 1.0nm)
Display: 20 character, 2 line LCD
Photometric range 0-125% T/-0.1 to +2.5 A/0-1999C
Photometric accuracy: 0.003A (0.0 to 0.3A), 1% between 0.301A and 2.5A
Noise at 500nm: 0.001A at OA
Stray radiant light: <0.1%T at 340 and 400nm