Vision Engineering Isis Digital Viewer for Microscope

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Dimensions (approx.):
9"W x 4"D x 5"H (outside)
90/120 AC Volts, 50/60 Hz, 7 W
Product Description Vision Engineering's ISIS fits in place of conventional eyepieces and dramatically reduces eyestrain by allowing the operator freedom of head position.
ISIS eyepieces increase operator comfort and reduce fatigue by expanding the image exiting the eyepieces (from 3mm to 38mm) using Vision Engineering's patented Expanded-Pupil technology. A small movement of the eye no longer means losing part of the field of vision - users can simply move their eyes to view the full image area, rather than repositioning their heads to operate within the constraints of narrow conventional microscope eyepieces. ISIS caters for most microscope variations - stereo, mono, upright, inverted, biological, metallurgical and has been designed to fit most microscopes with standard diameter eyepiece tubes (adapts to both 23mm and 30mm) enabling simple enhancement to most well know makes of microscope, including Kyowa, Leica, Meiji, Motic, Nikon, Olympus, Wild, Zeiss and many others. ISIS increases radial and axial head freedom by at least 8 times that of conventional eyepieces and greatly improves the visibility of optical information across the entire field.
Fits most brands of conventional binocular microscopes
Optimises operator performance by increasing eye-relief and freedom of head movement, reducing fatigue
Enables wearing of prescription spectacles
Eliminates direct contact with the eyepieces
Removes optical the disturbances known as mouches volantes (floaters)
Eyepiece magnification extending lenses of 10x, 15x, 20x available (10x is standard)